Getting started with Twala

A brief overview of Twala

What is Twala?

Twala is an app that allows you or your customers to easily sign legally binding documents (e.g. lease agreement, contract of employment, sales contact, and more) online using any laptop or smartphone. Twala can also be used to issue tamper-proof digital credentials (e.g. digital diploma, certificate of employment, training certificates).

Twala is also an information certifier. Twala verifies the identities of its users - both individual and business users.

Better Signing Experience

Ditch the paper contracts and documents, and give your customers a new digital signing experience. No more inefficient process of printing, signing, scanning, faxing, emailing, or couriering back of documents. With Twala anyone can easily sign documents online with any laptop or smartphone.

ID Verification, Security, and Privacy

Twala offers more than just basic email & mobile verification. We verify the identity of your signers with an AI-enabled ID verification with a blockchain-based digital ID.

Twala takes information security seriously. Twala uses multiple layers of user authentication and uses AES 256-bit encryption for all your documents that are stored in a SAS-70 certified data center.